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Hello Everyone,

My name is Hannah Meyer, and I am studying special education at Texas Woman’s University. My hobby is photography, my favorite type of photography is street photography and I also love to take pictures of my cat. I grew up all over the world and moved every two to three years ,  because my father is in the military,  until I settled in Denton to go to college three years ago. I was homeschooled from elementary school through high school except for one semester in high school that I attended a public school.  I believe that I have gained many life experiences from being able to live all over the world and being homeschooled in all of the places I lived. It allowed me to gain knowledge and appreciation of other cultures. It has also allowed me to become a very open minded individual which gives me the opportunity to appreciate other peoples opinions about topics and issues.  I have always had a passion for helping other and teaching. I participated in the Ready Set Teach program all through High School and have volunteered since a young age. I am now the Director of Education and Advocacy for Texas Woman’s University Helping Hands Service Ambassadors. I am also a active member in my sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma that focuses on building women of character.

DSC_0197(picture I took of my cat)

I aspire to become a special education teacher for elementary school. I also hope to go to graduate school for deaf education or special education to further my own education. I also would like to join Teach For America or the Peace Corp at some point in my teaching career. I would like to do one of those things because I have a strong passion for helping those in need and I believe everyone should have access to education from a school that has a strong base.  I hope to make learning fun for my students and have a classroom where my students feel accepted for who they are. I also hope to incorporate nature into my classroom because I feel it is important for the new generations to spend time outdoors and away from electrics for awhile. I look forward to creating an interactive classroom that supports each of my students individual learning styles because I believe that it is very important to provide information in ways that your students respond to best.

One thought on “About Me

  1. I enjoyed reading about your passions and interests. I also loved this quote, “My hobby is photography, my favorite type of photography is street photography and I also love to take pictures of my cat.” 😉


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