How can instruction be differentiated for diverse learners?

Not all people learn or show their intelligence in the same way. I think that it is teachers’ jobs to find a way to instruct diverse learners in a way where they can understand and comprehend the material.  When the needs of the learners are better met and the teaching style is changed this is called differentiation. Differentiation is required by law for those with disabilities, Individualized Education Plan  (IEP), and for students who are English Language Learners.  While it is the law that differentiation is done for these students, it could benefit so many more students. Students would greatly benefit from if  multiple intelligence,personal learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses were considered when it comes to differentiation. I feel that it is very important to present information that is being learned in the best possible way for every student. I think that how the student learns the information is important when it comes tot he student remembering that information.

Away that differentiation could be used for all students is if each had something similar to the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) that is in place for students’ with disabilities.  Just like the LRE for students with disabilities, every student could have a plan written out for when they are struggling with a certain subject or topic. An aid or teacher would then be able to present the information in a way that the student may comprehend better or provide hands on experiences. Now this is wishful thinking because for every student to have a written out plan would be very time consuming and schools most likely would not want to take that much time out of their days to create that plan.

Another way instruction can be differentiated for diverse learns would be to have the students take a quick simple version of the Multiple Intelligences quiz and see what ways each students learn best. The teacher could then write this in their folders or on note cards and group the children who learn in similar ways together. Then as the students go through stations the teacher can present the information in a way that is best for that group of students. It could also give the teacher multiple ways the student may learn that way he/she can present the information to the student in different effective ways until the student understands. It could also be helpful for the students to know which way they learn best for future reference or to manipulate the information they are learning a different way to help themselves better understand it.

I think since everyone can be classified as a diverse learn differentiation should take place for everyone. I think there are many creative ways to make that happen. There just needs to be a better understanding of why its needed  to make it happen.


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5 thoughts on “How can instruction be differentiated for diverse learners?

  1. Hannah,

    All students have gifts, but some open their gifts earlier or sooner than others do. As a teacher I believe it is important for us to always have a plan for a struggling student because 1. We want to make schools a positive enviroment so a student can succeed. 2. Every child deserves a chance, and no child should ever be left behind. I really liked your idea about testing students with the multiple intellegences quiz to gain insight and knowledge on the level of students within your class and keeping it orgainized on a note card or folder. That information on the notecards can also be a tool for parent teacher confrences so you and the parent can create a success plan for their child. This way you are also building a positive relationship with the parent.

    Madison Frazier

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  2. Hannah,
    I enjoyed reading your blog this week. I too believe that everybody has different ways of learning and that it is our jobs as teachers to find out how their students learn and to teach them accordingly. I liked your suggestion to have the children with the same learning styles in groups so they can better learn. Yet, I think that it is also a good idea to have students try all different learning styles to strengthen all their intelligences, because they may be surprised and have strengths that they never knew and actually learn better a different way. I also think that it could be good for them so they will not get bored with the way information is presented to them. This was a very good read and I look forward to reading your other blogs.

    Hannah Jones

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  3. Hannah,

    I enjoyed reading your blog post; so many students have different ways of understanding and interpreting the world around them and diverse mindsets can also pose as a sort of challenge to overcome when planning lessons. Our goal is to enlighten then and at the same time challenge them a little (as well as ourselves) to step back and look at the idea a little bit differently. Its also wonderful that there are so many programs/laws in place to help these students.

    -Taylor Reese

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  4. Hi Hannah i like how said not every child shows their intelligence in the same way because some students have different personalities ,so its important that educators connect with them and try to find their strengths and weaknesses. Differentiaded instruction is a way of testing a child based on their skills ,instead of for example testing a lion on its ability to climb , differential instruction is unique because it connects to the child on a one to one basis.,, i also agree with you that every child is unique, and although for a teacher its hard work o have to make instructions for each diverse learner, but at the same time its the difference between being a good and bad teacher .

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  5. Hello Hannah,
    I am with you on having “students taking a quick simple version of the Multiple Intelligence quiz.” I believe that when teachers and students are aware of the best ways that they learn, then instructions and lessons can be planned to foster the students’ success. Diverse learners indeed would benefit from having multiple ways of instructions that would meet their educational needs.
    All the best to you as you continue to achieve your goal to become a teacher.


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